[Maintenance Tips] The Cause of the Washing Machine Breaking Down: 3 Major Maintenance Methods

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Do you have a washing machine that always have problems like the washing machine vibrates greatly or the door does not open. The user can’t tell whether the motor is broken or the panel is broken, and they don’t know how to deal with the repair. Let Deco-Man share the cause of washing machine crash and the ways to maintain it.


Causes of Washing Machine Failure

Washing Machine Malfunction: Electronic Board Failure

Many people think that the failure of the washing machine is due to improper use, such as washing heavy clothes, but in fact, most of it is due to problems with the electronic board. There are three main reasons for the failure of the electronic board:

1. Insects

Insects are actually a cause of electrical damage! Electronic boards are usually installed at the back of electrical appliances. The heat generated by the electrical appliances and the back of the appliances are generally dark attract insects. Insects will excrete on the electronic board, which will affect the operation of the electronic board. Washing machines and refrigerators often break down due to this problem

2. Moisture

Long-term exposure to water vapor will damage the electronic board. Because it is generally not recommended to place the washing machine in a humid place such as a bathroom. Another place to pay attention to is the kitchen. Many people will install the washing machine in the kitchen because the humidity is not as heavy as the bathroom. But you should be aware that if it is installed near the cooking stove, the heat of the cooking stove may make condense water appears on the top of the washing machine. If water accidentally flows into the electronic board through cracks, it will damage the electronic board over time.

3. Wear Out Naturally

Electronic boards are precision electronic equipment, and it is normal to wear out naturally over time. Generally, washing machines can be used about 5,000 times. If they are used correctly, their lifespan will generally be about 10 years.

Washing Machine Malfunction: Loud Noise and Vibration

Have you ever tried a washing machine that vibrates greatly during washing, or even moved out of the cabinet? In fact, this situation is also very common. It is caused by the deviation of the main shaft of the washing machine drum due to various reasons. The shock absorber position in the washing machine may be loose. In this case, it can’t be DIY. Please ask a professional technician to repair it!


Washing Machine Malfunction: Leakage

Water leakage problems in washing machines are the second most common washing machine failure. The reason is that the clothes are too heavy during washing, which will loosen the hose position, and a lot of washing water will gush out during washing. Therefore, please remember to observe the load-bearing capacity of the washing machine before washing.

Washing Machine Maintenance Method


1. Do not use too much liquid detergent or powder

Please do not think that adding more detergent or powder will make the clothes cleaner. If you add too much, the degree of dilution is insufficient and it will corrode the axis of the washing machine and damage the washing machine. In addition, if liquid detergent or powder is not completely washed away, it will leave traces in the machine, which may cause the water to be blocked in long run. Stain will also accumulate, making the fuselage moldy and making the clothes unable to be cleaned.

2. Clean regularly

In fact, a lot of water can be accumulated in a washing machine. Even for a new washing machine, a lot of bacteria have begun to accumulate after 5 months of use. In order to prevent mold inside the washing machine, it is recommended to clean the washing machine once every three months to half a year. Please set the high water temperature for cleaning and you can add drum cleaner and turn on the empty washing machine to clean the drum.

In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the cleaning of the drainage pump and the lint filter. If you are a front-loading washing machine, you can clean the lower drain hole regularly by opening the rubber plug, and let the stagnant water flow out.

3. Do not use the washing machine to clean the following items

  • Materials containing plastic: in fact, many fabrics such as curtains and carpets also contain plastics. Washing powder may deform the fabrics.
  • Dolls: they have many small parts. The rollers may smash the dolls and the hard parts may damage the rollers.
  • Shoes: it may damage the washing machine when rolling. In addition, shoes accumulate more bacteria than clothes. Putting them in a washing machine will cause bacteria to remain on the body, which is very unhygienic.
  • Quilt: it is very absorbent. When it is cleaned in the washing machine, the wick will absorb too much water or increase the load on the drum, which will affect the life span of the washing machine.


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