Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

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Following the Provence style and Space age style, we will talk about Marine style in this article.

Sailor is a collective memory of many foreigners, with fresh, energetic, and adventurous spirit, all of which can be reflected in the interior design of marine style. Marine style is common in villas, restaurants or shops, but rarely at home, but it is loved by those who appreciate the charm of the sea.

Marine style definitely involves elements related to the sea, beach, and ships. As long as you make good use of these elements to decorate your home, you can have a comfortable, harmonious and a cool marine style home.

There are several directions for marine style interior design:

Beach vacation

Sand, beige, white, light brown and other golden tones, rattan furniture, vibrant and bright decorations, such as umbrellas and large green plants.


Imitate the interior of a ship, such as old wooden boards eroded by sea breeze, round windows, etc. The decoration can be an attractive pirate theme, or the hemp rope nets, sails, anchors, and round rudders commonly found on ships.


All shades of blue, green, white, large wooden furniture, dark floors, and then use bright decoration to adjust the heavy feeling, such as fish, coral and other marine life patterns.

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

Children’s bedroom design

Marine style is most suitable for children’s rooms. Bright and saturated colours are not obtrusive, but rather playful. Dark blue and white bed linen curtains, mild sky blue for the walls, and wooden bed frames are the classic colour scheme for marine style.

Try getting a treasure box like storage box and add tropical patterns such as rudders and anchors to the bookshelves, desks, and walls. You can put some sailboats and lifebuoys for decoration as well. Moreover, putting iron rods to the wall and hang a hemp rope net are more fun which turns the bedroom into a place of dreamy travel.

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

Adult bedroom design

The adult bedroom can be also decorated in marine style, which usually tend to be more oceanic, hiding the marine style in the details to bring out a sense of maturity and calmness.

For marine style bedroom, dark blue and white are the classic match. Deep blue wall as the ocean and white window frame and door frame for brightening and some dark wood bed frame and cabinet to resemble the old boat feel.

If you can find furniture made of dark rattan, such as the bed frame above, it will definitely enhance the marine style feeling.

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

Living room design

Compared with the lively children’s bedroom and the calm adult bedroom, the marine style living room is often soft in the main direction. The blue wooden planks imitating the wooden ship are used as the characteristic wall, matched with the white floor and wall. Place a lot of rattan furniture, such as sofas and carpets for decoration. When the sun shines through the white window screens, there is a sense of vacation sitting on the ship’s deck.

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

As for the decoration, different ocean elements cannot be missed. Fish, shells, corals, as well as marine style hourglasses, rudders, lifelines, etc. If you cannot find such marine style decorative items in short time, at least putting a ship pattern cushion at home. They are all the simple elements to increase the marine atmosphere at home.

You can also make your own paintings. Simply arrange the shells you collected on the beach in a white frame. A small accessory can help to enhance the marine style.

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean
Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

Bathroom design

The bathroom is the best place to show the ocean. White, blue and lake green wall, and mosaics imitating pebbles on the floor. The decoration should be dominated by marine organisms, such as soap boxes in the form of shells, starfish decorations, and rudder towel racks.

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

Bathrooms with ship elements are also feasible, as long as they imitate the dark atmosphere inside the ship. Use some woody finishes eroded by the sea breeze in the wash cabinets. Then put on a round mirror with a side wall, because the old ship has a round window. With the dark wall, it is like being in a cabin!

Marine style: Ship in the vast ocean

Kitchen design

Marine style is also suitable for small kitchen. The calm blue countertop contrasts with the white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets can also increase the sense of space. For the floor, use long wood-grain tiles with rough textures, which can imitate the appearance of an old ship.

Taking reference of the above photos, you can see that marine style mainly relies on colour matching, finishing materials and decoration. Even with just a few ocean-like cushions, you can easily turn your home into marine style.


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