Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

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After the southwestern style and retro girlish style, we will introduce the playful Memphis style.

Memphis style first appeared in the 1980s. It was promoted by a group of quirky Italian designers to liberate from minimalism, achieving this unrestrained creative aesthetic movement. Memphis style covers a wide range of areas, from graphic design, fashion to interior design style. The core idea of Memphis style is to play minimalism to the extreme, producing a rich rhythm with minimalist elements.

Lively and vivid colours

Memphis style is opposite to the indifferent modernism. It often uses bold colours that deliberately break the colour matching law. The collision of bright and interesting high saturation colours such as pink, pink green and other contrasting colours can produce a stimulating effect and enhance the mood.

Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

The colour is not a random match. If the wall colour is plain in white or black, a little bright colour is usually added to the wall to achieve visual balance. If the wall is already colourful, it is rare to add other colours to the wall.

Minimalist to the extreme

Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

Memphis style inherits the simplicity of modernism and puts those minimalist elements to the extreme. Basically, all furniture is designed with simple lines and geometric patterns. Memphis style emphasizes the sense of dancing and rhythm brought by lines and patterns, as if you can see the music.

Memphis style pattern usually mixes with the geometric shapes, such as grids, triangles or squares with whimsical patterns such as flowers or spirals. You can see the style on wallpaper, furniture, and even daily necessities such as flowerpots and coffee cups.

Memphis style wall

If you don’t know how to paint the feature wall in Memphis style, don’t need to worry. Give the job to a professional designer. You may consider buying Memphis style wallpaper abroad. Get some samples to do mix and match before making the purchase.

Memphis style floor

Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

Terrazzo often appears in Memphis style. Terrazzo is originated from Italy. It is a material containing glass and marble and then combined into a glazed tile in an irregular collage. Terrazzo tiles are vibrant and playful. They are often used in Memphis-style kitchens or bathrooms.

Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

From the bright living room to the bathroom with white terrazzo, it instantly gives you a refreshing and lively feeling. Terrazzo is highly customizable. They come with a variety of colours and pattern, allowing you to personalize your choice. Try matching some interesting and vivid colours.

There are also many terrazzo-printed accessories today, such as cushions and dishes. These are the items that enhance the Memphis style.

Memphis style classic furniture

Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

Memphis style furniture is highly recognizable. Affordable plastic decorative panels are generally used, with strong and bright colours and extremely interesting shapes to give furniture an irresistible charm. The furniture has the 80s style but a postmodern feel. It is the fusion of decorative art in the 1950s and the pop art style.

Memphis style antique curio cabinet

Memphis style: Lively and playful minimalism

The antique curio cabinet in Memphis is the most classic furniture. Antique curio cabinets are upgraded from functional furniture that are used to display objects elegantly, to aesthetic works of art that can coexist with the environment.

Feel the vitality of Memphis style!


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