Mid-century modern style: Functional and fashionable

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After the millennialism and American town style, we will talk about Mid-century modern style (MCM).

Where does the modern popular minimalist interior design come from? It is Mid-century modern style. The MCM style emerged in the United States in the 1950s and 60s.

As the demand for housing increased significantly after World War II at that time, the emergence of industrialized housing brought the MCM style that emphasised on function, which created a basic environment for simple interior design.

MCM style tips

The MCM style abandons the overly prosperous decoration in the West, and adopts a simple, smooth line and functional interior design.

This timeless style is very suitable for modern homes while not making the indoor space too crowded. How do we create this style with both aesthetics and function?

Furniture for MCM style 

世紀中期現代主義 功能至上又時尚感十足

The most known MCM style is reflected on the furniture, especially chairs designed by famous designers. During that period, people pursued the building materials with function. The designers made so much effort in making the classical and artistic furniture.

The classic furniture still matches today’s home. You can easily find theses furniture in chain furniture stores such as IKEA.

Selection of building materials for MCM style furniture

  1. Teak wood

世紀中期現代主義 功能至上又時尚感十足

Teak furniture is one of the characteristics of MCM style. Teak wood is delicate and durable, and it can create a warm and bright atmosphere at home. At the same time, teak is corrosion-resistant, excellent in texture, and easy to shape, which in line with the functional purpose that MCM style emphasizes.

  1. Building materials innovation

In addition to teak wood, many new building materials are used in MCM-style furniture. Due to the impact of industrialization, interior designers were inspired to use glass fibre, phenolic resin glass, etc. in furniture making.

Another feature of the MCM style furniture is that it mixes different materials, such as a wooden tabletop combined with iron bars, and a plastic seat with wooden legs. The mix of different materials enriches the furniture texture.

Design features of MCM style furniture

  1. Slim-line furniture legs

世紀中期現代主義 功能至上又時尚感十足

MCM style furniture often come with slim-line furniture legs. It removes the unnecessary details and emphasizes practicality, cleanliness and beauty.

As they don’t want the cabinet furniture to be too bulky, the furniture legs are sharpened. Other furniture, such as sofas and chairs are all supported by slim-line furniture legs.

  1. Colour

世紀中期現代主義 功能至上又時尚感十足

How about the colour used in MCM style furniture? The soft warm wood-coloured slim-line furniture legs are usually matched with bold colours, such as the mustard yellow, pine green, bright red and sapphire blue.

世紀中期現代主義 功能至上又時尚感十足

  1. Line

MCM-style furniture is often designed with simple lines and geometric shapes. It takes ergonomic design into account that places emphasis on comfort and convenience, so the most famous MCM style furniture is the chair. Its clean and straight lines and arcs make the space visually wider.

The space design of MCM style

Open space

世紀中期現代主義 功能至上又時尚感十足

The space design in the 1950s had a revolutionary change that connected the interior space and the outside world. Large windows, sliding doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors were used to introduce daylighting, connecting indoor and outdoor. And the removal of unnecessary walls enhances the sense of space transparency.

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