Misconceptions: Renovation Materials (Part 2)

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Last time we’ve talked about the misconceptions about the quality of different tiles, plywood and furniture.

Today let’s look into the common myths about electrical wires, cabinets and seamless flooring.


Misconception #4

Misconceptions: Renovation Materials (Part 2)

‘Electrical wires made in England must be safer to use than those made in mainland China. A 100HKD electrical switch must be of a higher quality than a 10HKD switch.’


Wires made in England and mainland China are both just as durable and safe to use.

Given that the workers you hire to install the switches are licensed, you should feel secure about your electrical switches, England-made or China-made.

As to light switch covers, the price is mostly related to style and design. Provided that your light switch covers are not manufactured by unknown brands, they should be durable and safe to use even if they are quite cheap.

When determining the quality of electrical switches, refer to the manufacturers’ production experience instead of the price.


Misconception #5

Misconceptions: Renovation Materials (Part 2)

‘Since the cabinet is going to be in the storage room, the quality of its material shouldn’t matter much.’


The quality of the boards does not only affect its durability and beauty. Low-quality boards not only release formaldehyde and other VOCs into the interior, but also introduce pest into your home.

For this reason, only purchase cabinets and wardrobes from proper shops. It is risky to pick up discarded cabinets on the streets for your domestic use.


Misconception #6

Misconceptions: Renovation Materials (Part 2)

‘When it comes to seamless wood flooring, brand and materials matter.’


To install seamless wood flooring beautifully, the most important things are a flat floor surface and an environment free from dampness (for example, the condensation formed by the air-con below).

After that, you can consider the material of the flooring. Remember, if this kind of flooring does not suit your flat, the material of the flooring will not magically straighten things out.

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