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When it comes to French-style decoration, everyone will think of elegant, luxurious and exquisite antique decorations, or the flashy Rococo style. However, if the French style is combined with the modern style, it will not only be gorgeous. Modern Paris-style decoration uses only three points to make your home as elegant as French women.

Modern design embodies elegance with details 

Modern Paris Style:自然中流露高雅格調的現代巴黎風設計

In French decor, crown molding is indispensable. Although the delicate crown molding can increase the sense of beauty, but if you want to match it with modern style, you need to turn this sharp decoration into low profile. Abandon the excessive wall and ceiling decoration, use simple crown molding to make the overall design clean and elegant and increase the sense of space.

The modern Parisian style includes classic French-style furniture such as classic cabinets and artworks, but there should not be too much at home. If you pay attention to details, even if it is one piece, it can reveal your elegance. You can choose velvet chairs with simple lines. As long as you put a small amount of light luxury style furniture, your home will shine.

French style emphasizes on color matching

Modern Paris Style:自然中流露高雅格調的現代巴黎風設計

The bold use of colored paint becomes the popular trend, but most Parisians love the simple white wall. The white wall makes the house brighter and highlights your selected furniture and decoration.

Modern Paris Style:自然中流露高雅格調的現代巴黎風設計

As the wall is light-colored, you can choose a bolder color of furniture. If you don’t have a clue about how to match, try starting with the French flag colors. The blue, white and red colors have large contrast. White with royal blue velvet or cloth furnishings accentuates style and intelligence. 

Coupled with a stylish printed carpet, it can enhance the lively atmosphere of the room. In addition, an important accessory in the French interior design is the use of a large mirror with a simple carved frame. Adding a mirror will greatly increase the sense of space.

Modern Paris Style:自然中流露高雅格調的現代巴黎風設計

Pairing with a small amount of prominent furniture can create a little escape in the elegant design, showing a lively casualness inadvertently.

Parisian style loves natural lighting

Modern Paris Style:自然中流露高雅格調的現代巴黎風設計

Natural lighting is very important in Parisian style. The white wall is also designed to make lighting easier. If you want to achieve better lighting effects, you may wish to use French windows. Even though the glass door is closed, it allows sunlight to penetrate into the house while increasing the sense of space. You can pair it with plain floor-to-ceiling curtains for a natural and casual beauty.


The focus of modern and stylish Parisian decor is to abandon the overly classical style. Use plain and natural light to highlight your carefully selected furniture. Starting with texture and color, the furniture can reveal the casualness and elegance of the homeowner.

Decoration Tips

We interviewed Simon to ask him the tips for having modern Paris style at home.

“A lot of owners will just send the reference photos for crown molding to the decoration company. However, the quality and effect of the finished product are not what you expected most of the time. The quality of coving depends on the manufacturer. If you want to have the same effect as the reference photo, please do not take the design photo as a physical picture. It is best to ask the manufacturer to show you the sample first. If there is no sample, the decoration company should supervise the manufacturer for the work. This is to avoid the manufacturers to make the coving in accordance with their own practices, which will lead to poor results. “


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