[Mosquito Repellent Strategy] 4 Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes in humid places are active, especially in the SE Asia. Everyone tries their best to kill mosquitoes at home or use natural mosquito killers such as baking soda to make their own mosquito killers. Let Deco-Man share the ways to repel mosquitoes in different rooms!

4 ways to repel mosquitoes

【驅蚊攻略】家居滅蚊你要知 4 款驅蚊神器 其中 1 款殺死埃及伊蚊又完全唔嘥位?

1. Mosquito Killer Lamp

The mosquito killer lamp is one of the most common tools to use. The principle is that mosquitoes will be attracted by light with a wavelength close to ultraviolet light. Then when the mosquitoes are attracted by the light, they are then killed by different methods including electric shock, airflow inhalation, and stick trapping.

The mosquito killer does not contain chemical ingredients and does not release harmful substances. In addition, it does not need to be replaced and can be used when plugged in. So, the advantage is that it is affordable, environmentally friendly and safe. However, many netizens report that the mosquito killer is not efficient as the mosquitoes are not attracted by ultraviolet rays, and so they will not fly close to the mosquito killer and be electrocuted or inhaled to death.

Some experts say that the poor effect of the mosquito killer lamp is not a design problem, but the user may be using it wrongly. If the indoor light itself is too strong, the ultraviolet light of the mosquito killer will not be able to exert its best effect. In an environment with too strong light, and with the human body and the mosquito killer in the same room at the same time, the human body is more attractive than the mosquito killer, so people will feel that the mosquito killer is ineffective.

How should the mosquito killer be effective? The mosquito killer should be placed in a place where there are few people with a dark environment. The mosquitoes will rest in the dark and the gap, and the mosquito killer will be effective at this time. Because of this, the mosquito killer lamp is actually very suitable in rural areas. It is very effective when placed outdoors at night with few light sources. In addition, because the mosquito killer kills mosquitoes, remember to regularly kill the mosquito lamp itself or surrounding mosquito corpses to prevent bacteria from breeding.

【驅蚊攻略】家居滅蚊你要知 4 款驅蚊神器 其中 1 款殺死埃及伊蚊又完全唔嘥位?

2. Electric mosquito coil

Electric mosquito coils are heated pieces or liquids containing pyrethrum components, and use the volatilized gas to drive away mosquitoes or make them incapacitated. Electric mosquito coils are different from traditional burning mosquito coils in that they do not produce a lot of smoke and smell. Users only need to plug it in, so it is more convenient to use.

It is generally believed that electric mosquito coils have the best effect, but because the gas they release is insecticide, they are generally not suitable for use by babies, pregnant women, the elderly and families with asthmatic patients, who has worse respiratory health than ordinary people. If you want to use the mosquito coil, please use it in a well-ventilated place, and avoid using it for too long.

【驅蚊攻略】家居滅蚊你要知 4 款驅蚊神器 其中 1 款殺死埃及伊蚊又完全唔嘥位?

3. Turn on the air conditioner

Compared with external mosquito repellent equipment, there is actually an original household electrical appliance that can reduce mosquito activity, that is, turning on the air conditioner! Mosquitoes in an air-conditioned room (about 18 to 24 degrees) will slow down. Mosquitoes rely on heat and taste to lock onto the target, and the air-conditioning will make the body temperature drop, making it difficult to find the target of the bite.

This method is used by a lot of people. People who have the habit of turning on the air conditioner in summer can kill two birds with one stone. However, this is not a real way to kill mosquitoes, and it is not suitable for people who do not often turn on the air conditioner.

4. Anti-mosquito paint

The methods mentioned above are all external devices. Is there a way to prevent mosquitoes in the home itself? In fact, some new building materials can achieve various anti-bacterial and anti-mosquito effects, and paint is one of them.

Some well-known brands on the market have introduced some anti-mosquito paints. As long as the mosquitoes touch the wall, the mosquito-killing factor volatilized by the paint will penetrate into the central nervous system of the mosquito, and then kill the mosquito. Some anti-mosquito paints have been tested and proven to cause 90% of the death rate of the deadly Aedes aegypti mosquito.

With the current level of technology, this type of product may need to be refurbished every two to three years, but it is actually very suitable for homes where mosquitoes invade endlessly, such as homes near mountains or plants. Because the outdoor environment cannot be controlled, it is better to use the paint indoors.

Mosquito prevention methods

  1. Install anti-mosquito nets, because too many insects enter the house from outdoors, so mosquito nets are very effective as a preventive measure.
  2. Clean up stagnant water, do not store empty bottles with stagnant water frequently, because stagnant water becomes a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.
  3. If there are plants, please change the water for vases and flower trays and add larvae killer once a month.


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