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Multi-functional furniture is furniture that realizes new or other functions based on the original functions of traditional furniture. It is basically a redesign of furniture.

The four distinctive features of multi-functional furniture that differentiate them from traditional furniture are: 

  • The integration of mechatronics technology
  • The application of computer technology
  • The application of new materials
  • The exquisite adjustable structure

A piece of furniture should have at least one of the above characteristics before it can be called multi-functional furniture.

In this article, we are going to list some multi-functional furniture recommended for your living space. There are six main types of furniture categorized according to their functions: Beds, Chairs, Cabinets, Tables, Curtains, and Doors.




CURRENT FUNCTION: Multimedia hub, push and pull, massager

EXAMPLES: Wall bed, foldable bed



CURRENT FUNCTION: Rotate, lift, fold, move

EXAMPLES: Liftable and foldable sofa bed/coffee table (bench)



CURRENT FUNCTION: Automatic open/close, lift function, disinfecting

EXAMPLES: Anti-mold wardrobe, liftable cabinet, multi-functional safe


ORIGINAL FUNCTION: Place and support

CURRENT FUNCTION: Rotate, lift, move, deform

EXAMPLES: Rotatable dining table, automated mahjong table


ORIGINAL FUNCTION: Hang and shield

CURRENT FUNCTION: Multi-layered, motorised, operational via remote-control

EXAMPLES: Remote-controllable curtains, automated window shades


ORIGINAL FUNCTION: Conceal and cover

CURRENT FUNCTION: Temperature adjustment, soundproof, automatic


EXAMPLES: Automated doors, musical walls, bathroom partitions

Multi-Functional Furniture

Image via FreeDownloadCAD

New Ways of Designing  

The usage of new materials 

Designing furniture with new materials not only results in a brand new structure but also the realisation of unexpected new functions. For example, nano-materials are not only moisture-proof and bacteria-resistant but they also have super flexibility. Shape memory alloys can restore their original shapes under certain temperature and pH conditions after deformation. Composite materials often have strengths and stiffness that exceed their preset volume and shape by several times.

The original constituent materials for sensors are photosensitive, pressure-sensitive, and acid-based, thus making them suitable for making sensors. Other materials such as glass, paper, and wood are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

Exquisite adjustability

Multi-functional furniture is not all about complicated mechanisms or brand-new materials. A set of linkage mechanisms with several flexible connections, wheels, buckles, slides, and many other simple yet sophisticated structures can also achieve new functions such as height-adjustable seats, desks, wheelchairs, rotating dining tables, folding sofa chairs, combined bookcases, and so on.

Benefits of Multi-Functional Furniture

Easy to move/carry around 

After folding, such furniture will become portable, making them easy to store and carry. Therefore, they are frequently used in daily life. For example, plastic surfaces lined with metal brackets and movable partitions crafted for accordion folding are light in load and easy to use for decoration. They are safe, sturdy, and extremely convenient in assembling and disassembling. 

Easy to organize/keep neat 

Big furniture pieces, if used in a small room, will make it crowded. This will make the room inconvenient and uncomfortable to use. The use of multi-functional furniture can resolve this problem very well, allowing the different furniture pieces to be easily categorised and used.

Easy to save space 

As multi-functional furniture is capable of reducing its own size when not in use, it makes saving space more effective. For example, the size of a bench is 28cm × 24cm × 23cm when opened, and reduced to a quarter of its size after being folded. This not only saves space but also makes it easier to store.

Easy to bring with you

Due to their special user-friendly design, most of these furniture pieces are designed for compactness and versatility, making them light and easy to carry. Such furniture design has greatly met our needs, especially in today’s age. For example, some travelling accessories have the stool folded in for easy keeping in a bag or even a pocket. After folding, not only is the space occupied reduced but the safety of carrying is also ensured for some sharp tools included in the travelling accessories. 

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-Functional Furniture

Image Via FreeDownloadCAD

In conclusion, two is indeed better than one. Multi-functional furniture is easy to use and designed to be highly functional, making them popular with small apartments and families. 

If you have relatives or friends visiting you, your bed can be pulled out from under the sofa or down from the wall, while the door of your bookcase can be used as a desk. Due to its avant-garde design, this type of furniture is more suitable for fashionable youngsters.

Multi-functional furniture can be found in most furniture stores today, so why not get some cool furniture pieces for your home?


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