New Chinese style: Mix and match the classic and modern Chinese styles

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You may be familiar with the classic Chinese style as we can always see the grand antique house in TV drama. Classical Chinese interior design combines both the solemnity and elegance. But what is the newly emerging “new Chinese style”? How can the 5,000-year-old cultural temperament of Chinese people be integrated into the home, to reflect the Chinese historical and cultural background at the same time without losing the sense of modernity?

New Chinese style refers to adding some new elements on the basis of Chinese style, but not departing from the overall Chinese style. Mix and match the East and West elements, or the modern Chinese elements are all new Chinese style. The new Chinese style is very open and inclusive.

Use western building materials in the basis of Chinese style

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

Chinese-style decorative materials are mainly wood, including carved paintings, elegant shapes, and high-grade hardwoods such as rosewood or red sandalwood. The texture of the wood can enhance the atmosphere. The new Chinese design retains wood at home and matches with Western materials such as leather, stone and steel.

Simple design combined with Chinese style spacing can enhance the sense of space

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

The new Chinese style pays great attention to the layering of space. Using Chinese-style screens and solid wood wall in places where partitions are needed. It can make the interior space more layered.

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

You don’t need to follow the classical Chinese style in doing partitions and screens. The use of thin line designs with simple shapes can add the Chinese-style element while enhancing the layered sense of the interior space, making the overall space large but not empty, and small but not crowded.

More colour options to enhance modernity

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

Most of the classical Chinese furniture and accessories are mainly dark in colour. The ceilings and floors of the grand antique houses are mainly dominated by dark colours. Although elegant, it is also very oppressive. The new Chinese style colour is more relaxed and natural. You can use light colours in both ceilings and floors to reduce the sense of oppression.

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

The new Chinese style is no longer limited to dark wood, bright red and gold. You can match the accessories with high saturation colour, such as elegant blue. It has obvious brightening effect that is elegant and lively.

Chinese style tips

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

One of the most traditional Chinese furniture is the curio shelve. Curio shelve is used for indoor partition. It can enhance the layered sense of the space without making Chinese furniture look hollow. At the same time, it can be used to display antique collection and other decorations.

New Chinese style:古典現代兼備 新中式風格

In addition to the traditional curio shelve, you can replace with a modern one. The modern curio shelve is mainly composed of wooden strips and uses cubic as a unit to form a combined frame. You can put it in the living room or study room. Or to make a twist, turning it into a wine cabinet or s small bar counter.


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