[Pest Control!] How to Get Rid of silverfish at home?

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Have you ever seen some holes on the clothes in wardrobe, which you haven’t worn for a long time? Or have you ever seen a long-shaped insect working fast when you open a book? The insect is actually called silverfish, which usually appears in humid places. However, is it harmful to human? And how can we get rid of it? Let Deco-Man introduce some related information and the way of getting rid of silverfish today.

【潮濕除蟲】對付衣魚有妙法!對付蠹魚/書蟲 4 個方案

What is silverfish?

Some call silverfish as bookworms and they are long insects with silver scales and tentacles. They like to live in warm, dark and humid environments. They feed on sugar, fiber and protein as their main food. Paper, books, newspapers, mud, clothing (such as pulpy cotton, rayon, linen) and hair are also their food. They often appear in books, under the bed, in the closet, crevices, and even the kitchen.

They move very fast and have strong vitality. They can produce more than a hundred eggs at the right temperature and humidity, so they will spread quickly after landing and rooting. The most suitable environment for them to survive is under a humidity of 95%. Therefore, area in Southeast Asia is the best place for them to live.

How do I know if there is silverfish?

Silverfish are nocturnal animals. If you can see them in the morning, it actually shows that the silverfish problem is very serious and may have spread to the whole house. You can usually try knocking on the foot line, door frame, window frame or floor or look through books, cabinets, and wardrobes to see if there are silverfish coming out. You should also pay special attention to wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens. If there are more than 10 silverfish, it shows the problem is already serious here.

【潮濕除蟲】對付衣魚有妙法!對付蠹魚/書蟲 4 個方案

Is silverfish poisonous and harmful?

Silverfish brings a lot of trouble to people’s home life. Silverfish eats clothes and books, leaving holes, gaps and black excrement, which affects hygiene. Its destructive power on household items is very large.

Therefore, silverfish is not a beneficial insect, but silverfish biting people will not happen as they only eat paper, books, mud, clothing, falling hair and other things. Their body does not contain too many bacteria and does not spread fatal diseases. On the whole, they are basically harmless to the human body. However, people with sensitive skin at home should pay special attention, because silverfish may cause allergic reactions.

Deworming at home!

When the breeding situation of silverfish is not too serious, you can directly use a vacuum cleaner to suck away silverfish, or use a proper amount of insecticide. Before it reaches the serious stage, we have to take precautions. Here are some methods for repelling insects in the room.

【潮濕除蟲】對付衣魚有妙法!對付蠹魚/書蟲 4 個方案

  1. Do not accumulate paper and sundries from unknown origin
  2. Odor repelling method
  3. Iron clothes frequently
  4. Keep your home dry


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