Portable Washing Machines: Yes or No?

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An indispensable household item in itself, the washing machine has evolved so much in the recent years to cater to different household needs.


Apart from the categories of top loading, front loading, semi-automatic and automatic washing machines, we now see a new breed, the portable washing machine, rising on the market.


So what’s the deal with portable washing machines? Let’s find out their pros and cons.


The merits of portable washing machines


Portable washing machines have just the same functions of an ordinary washing machine, yet cost at least 50% less than the latter.



If you’re sharing a flat with other people, you might not want to do the laundry because of the condition your flatmates have left the washing machine in.

The portable washing machine, however, is completely yours. It also saves you time from waiting in line to do the laundry.


Portable, compact

The portable washing machine takes up very little space, which is ideal for people living in smaller homes.

It is also suitable for frequent movers. Just carry it by hands to your next abode, simple as that.


Saves water

Portable washing machines use between 10 – 15 gallons of water per wash, while ordinary washing machine uses two times more water per wash.

Less detergent is needed per wash, which makes the portable washer a more environmentally friendly option than the traditional washer.


How about limitations?

Not suitable for large household

Because of its limited capacity, the portable washing machine is not suitable for large households or pet keepers.

There might be a few rounds of washing daily for large families, which make the choice not so energy-saving after all.


Low durability

The outer material of most portable washing machines is plastic, while that of traditional washers is metal. The portable washer pales in comparison when durability is concerned.


To wrap up…

Purchasing appliances is all about trade-offs. Before making your purchase, think about your specific needs, since you can’t force an appliance to perform the way it is not supposed to.


While the portable washer is potentially a blessing to smaller families, to large households it can be a downright disaster.

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