Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

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(Guest Writer: Michael Anderson)

As a common man, you must have done much research while choosing worktops for your kitchen. However, knowing the scientific facts behind different materials and doing a detailed study will help you come to a better decision while choosing the material for your worktops. Also, it helps you in making the right decision by knowing these facts.

Quartz and granite countertops are the two most popular options considered by most people while looking for worktops for their kitchen. Here is a comparison between them based on some scientific facts that will guide you into making a better decision for your kitchen:

Granite Worktops

This rock variety of materials – including quartz, mica, feldspar, amphiboles and other materials – comes in small proportions. The composition of these materials varies according to the availability of minerals in them, along with the amount of heat and pressure that had been naturally exerted on it.

This varying composition is the reason behind the colours and textures of granite that give your kitchen natural beauty.

Granite has a natural tendency to behave differently under different temperature conditions. Therefore, you need to be careful during seasonal changes or while placing something with extreme temperature on the worktop to make sure that your beautiful granite worktop is not spoiled.

Quartz Worktops

Identifying the difference between these two materials just by looking at them often gets difficult. The reason behind it is that granite is partially composed of quartz which gives some similar properties to both these materials.

The quartz worktops that you are buying for your kitchen is not a pure material. It is referred to as engineered quartz and comprises 90% of the natural quartz. The remaining 10% comprises of multiple other materials to make this quartz harder than the natural one, and thus more durable for your kitchen. It has multiple patterns and designs that will match with almost every kitchen theme.

Thus, in terms of look and durability, quartz is better than granite. The material is naturally coloured, which gives it beauty.

Comparison between quartz and granite

Here is a quick comparison of these two materials based on their physical and chemical properties:

Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

Which one to choose?

● If you are looking for a natural material, you should go for granite worktops. However, if you do not have any problem in picking a synthetic one, you can even go for quartz worktops if you find it in the right colour with better features.

● Colour can also be an important criterion if you are renovating based on a theme. So, keep some colour options that can go well with your theme and try to find similar colours in both granite and quartz. This will also help you decide which one is better for you.

● The amount of money that you spend on maintenance can also be a big criterion. If you do not want to spend too much money, go for engineered quartz worktops as they are naturally non-porous. You can thus clean the surface easily without letting liquids get absorbed into the surface.

Granite worktops are comparatively more difficult to maintain because they are slightly porous. Therefore, it is mandatory to get them sealed annually. If not, moisture absorption and water might start destroying the material. Moreover, if the material is not sealed, it becomes too difficult to remove stains from the surface.

Thus, if you can afford getting your worktops sealed annually, you can go for granite.

● In terms of durabilityquartz stone is a better option as it is stronger due to the extreme temperatures and pressure exerted on it during fabrication. Granite is slightly brittle in comparison, and the surface might break if you accidentally drop something heavy on it. So, if you think you can maintain your surface meticulously, you can go for granite countertops.

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