Shabby Chic: Sweet and chic style with retro texture

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In previous article, we mentioned the Nordic style and mid-century modernism. In this article, we will talk about Shabby Chic, the retro girlish style.

Shabby means shabby, and Chic means elegant and chic. Simply put, it is the use of shabby texture to create an elegant and unique interior design. The decorations with soft tones and retro textures that reflects feminism is the most loved romantic style by modern girls.

Vintage furniture with shabby textured

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

There is a common characteristic of shabby chic furniture, the weathered and faded outlook and the second-hand furniture. The weathered and faded furniture is usually in white and soft tones. Its edges are rough. The paint shows signs of abrasion and wear, like reflecting its history.

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

You don’t really need to buy a second-hand furniture, but the girlish one, such as the Rococo style mirror with S-shaped line, or a simple Scandinavian design kitchen cabinet. You can paint them in white and use some tools to create an “old” style.

Set off details in simple tones

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

The retro girlish style can add a modern touch. The wall is usually in white, beige or cream colour. And the details such as the texture will reflect the girl’s chic style. The faded lines of furniture is a good way to show the texture. In addition, knitwear, linen and lace are good items to add a girlish touch. You can try using the grey or wooden floor as grey adds modernity, while white gives a warm feel.

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

In terms of furniture, Shabby Chic, like Rococo style, can also use a variety of feminine shades. Apart from white weathered furniture, pink cabinets and chairs can increase the sense of girlish. Cotton cushions with stripes, elegant prints or tassels can also enhance Rococo’s French style.

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

You can consider adding a dressing table or sofa with a gold rim carving or use a dark brown and simple wooden bench as a dining table. They are the perfect match for a finish touch.

Floral elements in Shabby Chic style

Lace and delicate floral patterns are essential elements of retro girlish style. If you don’t like the white wall, you can choose different colours. The dignified pink rose pattern floral wallpaper can also create the feeling of Shabby Chic.

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

Floral fabric chairs or cushions are also good choices. Soft furniture can create a delicate style at home. Replacing with real flowers and potted plants can enhance the natural feeling as well.

Shabby Chic:甜蜜別緻配合復古質感 復古少女風

In conclusion

Shabby Chic is a modern version of Rococo style, realizing the girlish dream while not being too gorgeous. The eye-catching point of Shabby Chic is the furniture that imitates the old one, adding some retro elements to the modern home to make a balance. It is very suitable for modern women who likes romantic and sweet atmosphere at home.

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