Should I Get Those Dreamy Frameless Windows?

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Probably the best way to showcase a gorgeous view, installing frameless windows in your home is like hanging a seamless picture which changes according to the time of the day and year.

Aesthetically, frameless windows score a 10/10. But they are not without drawbacks. Take a look at these points of consideration below.


Does height bother you?

An increasingly popular trend in home layout designs is to remove the walls partitioning the bedroom, living room and balcony. This creates a big open area and ups the spaciousness and overall brightness of the flat.

To complete the chic look, frameless windows are sometimes installed on the balcony.

Is this insistence for spaciousness going overboard?

You don’t have to be a full-blown acrophobic to experience that feeling of vertigo when looking down from great heights. Frameless windows are especially ill-suited for flats on the higher floors. For lower floors, frameless windows might create a concern for security and privacy.


Bedroom lighting concerns

The concern about privacy and security is certainly greater for the bedroom than for the living room. Traditional Chinese wisdom tells us that a space where a balanced yinyang is maintained is best for our well-being.

Frameless windows will introduce excessive yang light into the bedroom when the curtains are pulled back. When the curtains are drawn the interior will be too dark, shrouded in too much yin. The imbalance of light might lead to marital disharmony, if you trust the wisdom of feng shui.


Light pollution at work

The problem of light pollution applies to the workplace as well. For those who spend the majority of their time in the office, a simple choice of installing the frameless windows can affect their health quite significantly. In the long term, glares on the reflective surfaces might be harm your mental well-being.


A lot of offices install frameless windows in favour of the icy, futuristic look. But when it comes to the hot summer days from May till the end of October, the interior certainly will not feel icy like it looks. The large amount of sunlight entering the space might raise the interior temperature and increase energy consumption for air-conditioning.


Weather hazards

Frameless windows are generally a no-no in fengshui due to its “footless-ness”; there’s no wall beneath to support the glass.

Whether that would cost your health and wealth is not so certain, but before you call it superstition, how about a scientific explanation which captures this idea?

Think about it, it is frightening enough to watch a typhoon behind a framed window. Without the support of the metal frames, you would very likely wonder: in case of a storm, will the wind and whatever got caught in it break the windows?


A warm reminder from Deco-Man

Still fancy getting those frameless windows? We have tips for you to remedy those potential problems. Try placing bigger house plants in front of the windows. Install window films, gauze, grilles or railing according to your own privacy and security needs.

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