Skirting Board Colours: What Should You Consider?

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Do not underestimate the aesthetic effect skirting boards can bring to the interior. They can give structure to the space, visually enlarge or shrink it by lengthening and shortening the geometric lines in the interior.

Despite its power to balance the colours of the interior, skirting boards are often an overlooked part of renovation.

Skirting boards can protect the floor and make cleaning more convenient.

If you choose a wrong colour for the skirting boards, the room’s overall appearance might be dissonant and awkward, can you believe how big a change the tiny skirting boards can make?

Do you know the rules to determining the matching colours? Read on to find out!

  1. Should you refer to the colours of the doors or the flooring?

    Skirting Board Colours: What Should You Consider?

    Installing skirting boards of the same colour as the flooring can visually enlarge the floor’s expanse. This technique is especially suitable for small spaces.
    However, in this instance, since the skirting boards will blend in with the flooring, their decorative effect will be lower.
    As a general rule, skirting boards’ colours should be darker than the floorboards’.
    When the door and the skirting boards share the same colour, the interior will appear more unified. This technique is more suitable for big rooms with a lot of space for moving about.
    Try to match the colour of the windows with the doors and the skirting boards; this can harmonise the space’s general atmosphere.

  2. What colours?

    Skirting Board Colours: What Should You Consider?

Refer to the doors

Since the doors contribute largely to the main palette of the interior, you can rest assured that shirting boards in the colour of the doors will almost always look good.

Refer to the flooring

Skirting boards are normally linked to the floor. Simply use a colour which contrasts against the floor.

Not only does this highlight the expanse of the space, it also makes both the flooring and the skirting boards stand out.

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