Soaring Temperatures: Smart Ways to Escape the Heat

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The climate in Singapore is characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity, and abundant rainfall.

On days with little or no rainfall, the daily maximum temperature could reach 35 degrees Celsius.

Soaring Temperatures: Smart Ways to Escape the Heat

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Keep it Cool

Hot temperatures are unavoidable for most of us in Singapore, and while we depend on our air-conditioner for that cool respite, these appliances use up tons of energy and inflict a toll on our electricity bill.  

Staying cool does not necessarily mean you have to keep the air-conditioning running night and day. There are alternative ways to buffer your home and yourself from the heat.


Around the House

In bed, opt for cooler linen

Light-colored bed linen made of light fabrics is better to sleep in as they are breathable and excellent for promoting airflow and ventilation in the bedroom.

Heat enters your home as sunlight through windows

Add blackout curtains or blinds to rooms that get direct sun. Keep the shades drawn, and the blinds closed. This action substantially prevents your home from becoming a miniature greenhouse as it reduces the flow of heat coming into your house.

There are other ways to use a hot water bottle

Instead of filling the bottle with hot water, you can fill it up with tap water and store it in the freezer. Once frozen, you can place this bottle around your house. It will act like a temporary ice pack cooling the area at the same time.

Moving air makes a big difference

A ceiling or a portable fan increases air circulation and cool your room down in a low-energy way. Pointing portable fans slightly towards the windows pushes out hot air, so remember to place them strategically.


All Around You

The scorching heat is already hard on your electric bills, but even if it feels like the sun is out to get you, do not make it harder for your body and mood.

Stay hydrated

When you’re sweating because of the heat, drinking enough water becomes even more critical. Even if you have to trick yourself into drink more water, you will be much more comfortable if you keep refilling your water glass.

Know Your Body’s Best Cooling Points

Finally, if you are at home and still feeling the heat, wrap up some ice cubes and apply onto your wrist and neck. These pulse points will cool you down quickly.


Stay Cool

Warm might be the new norm in 2019, and a 1°C rise in temperature can cause an average household living in a two-room apartment to increase its water use by nine liters a day.But don’t let that bogged you down. Try out these smart ways to escape the heat, and you might just be making your day a little cooler.

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