Interior Design

8 Decor Tips from Home Staging Experts

When selling your home, the first impression it makes on your buyers makes all the difference. Rather than focusing on the aesthetics, a house shopper looks into the overall functionality of the space.


Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen with Pastel Colours

This is the time where pastels are simply creeping into the spotlight, especially where interior designing is concerned. They are once again ruling the home décor scene, and this time they are popular in the kitchen.


What To Do with a Recessed Wall

Often, we see recessed walls in our homes as an inconvenience, similar to a dental cavity that needs to be filled. But instead of plastering it over, consider alternative design


How to Design a Kitchen for Bakers

Most of the kitchen inspiration we have shown at Renonation has largely been catered for home cooks. But there’s been a significant group we have neglected—bakers. Bakers use the kitchen