Interior Design

Interior Decoration: Room Divider

In the old times, room dividers are used shield the interior against strong wind. Modern room dividers work instead as decoratives and partitioning, so that the space looks more beautiful,


Home Renovation: How to be Financially Prudent?

The rule is simple. Do not spend more than you can afford. This adage has added impetus when it comes to budgeting for your home renovation.Continuously ask yourself these two questions; “How


How to Design a Balcony

Despite the small size of Hong Kong flats, a balcony is very often present in the general flat design. Although these balconies are not incredibly spacious, their functions are numerous.


Thermo Ventilators: What Do They Do?

In the humid season of spring, moisture gets trapped in small confinements like bathrooms, where there is hardly space for large appliances like dehumidifiers. This can prove quite troublesome to


How to Whiten Yellowed Shirts?

Every family has a few pure white garments that do not last long at all because they get yellowed so easily. This is one of the reasons why people think