Taisho roman style: Mix and match with Japanese, Western and retro style

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What is Taisho roman interior design? After the Japanese retro Showa-style interior design, I will share the “Taisho roman” interior design in this article. The Taisho era is different from the other Japanese styles. The overall image is unique. It is because the Japanese were greatly influenced by the romanticism of the 19th century Europe at the time. 

Taisho roman style is reflected not only in clothing, culture and art, but also in interior and exterior decoration. A typical example is an old Japanese-style wooden house with western-style decoration, elaborating the comfort of Japanese and elegance of Western style.

Taisho roman style decoration

  1. Basic structure

    Taishou roman styleThe basic structure of Taisho roman style is washitsu, consisting of wooden beams, pillars, and roof. Most washitsu homes use light wooden frames and walls, but Taisho roman style is slightly different. It has a contrasting colour as a background, the off-white walls and the dark wooden frames and floors, creating a sense of solidity and elegance.

  2. Door

    Taishou roman styleThe decoration style of washitsu must include wooden door frames with washi sliding doors. But in Taisho roman style, the sliding doors of the balcony and restaurant can be changed to a western-style floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors. The floor-to-ceiling glass is well-lit and can increase the sense of space.

  3. Glass window

    Taishou roman styleIn Taisho roman style, antique coloured glass windows are indispensable. Glass windows made of bright colours such as red, blue, green, or yellow are placed in a bright space (such as a living room or dining room), and will shine when the sun comes in. Whether it’s a Japanese-style tatami room or a Western-style room with wooden floors, the contrast between stained glass and antique-like dark-toned wooden frames is outstanding.

Taishou roman style

If you are not satisfied with the coloured glass windows with geometric patterns, you can add the Japanese style drawing glass windows to enhance the overall styling.

Taishou roman style

Coloured glass windows can also be installed in the corridor’s sliding door or the toilet door. The use of Changhong glass with low transparency can protect the privacy and enhance the retro interior style.

Western decoration in Taisho roman style

During the Taisho period, Western culture poured into Japan, which was reflected in the decoration. Some Western furniture was imported from foreign countries, and some were made by Japanese craftsmen who mix Western and Japanese elements. It is a must to have such Western furniture in Taisho roman style.

1.Chandelier, table lamp

Taishou roman style

The look and feel of the home are a bit dark due to the dark wood roof and floor, so chandeliers and table lamps play an important lighting role. Most of the lighting comes with a lampshade in Taisho roman style. The cloth fringed lampshade adds a little touch of western romanticism, while the glass lampshade with a few patterns retains the beauty of Japanese simplicity.

In addition, the lighting colour is mainly yellow to create a soft and romantic atmosphere. 

2.Tables and chairs

Taishou roman style

The living in the Taisho period was different from the Japanese tradition. Many people abandoned the tatami and switched to wooden floors. When people’s activity space left the ground, the tables and chairs of Western style were in need. The wooden tables and chairs with velvet retain the Japanese wooden elements and were embellished with western fabric materials.

3.Wooden cabinet

Taishou roman style

In the Taisho era, many people eagerly collected Western art. You can put dark coloured solid wood carved cabinets with glass door to showcase your collection in the hallways and dining rooms.

4.Antique clock

Taishou roman style

The operation and sound of Western antique clocks are retro. For those of the time, staring and listening to the sound of the pendulum was a lot of fun. Some antique clocks ring at intervals, and they wrap the entire room in nostalgic air.

In conclusion

The interior design of the Taisho era is a combination of Japanese-style and Western-style decoration. It mixes and matches the solid Japanese wooden elements with western gorgeousness decoration.

(Image source: Antique Log、wow!Japan)

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