The elegant design for the retired elderly

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In order to let the retired parents to enjoy their life comfortably, the owner bought this apartment and requested the designer to design a cozy space for the retired parents to live in. The designer made use of the hidden storage design method to create an open and bright vision to meet the simple style. The white tone of color conveys the pure ambience. Matched with the wooden furniture and the gray scale decoration, altogether create a quiet and elegant atmosphere.


This apartment is designed to make life easier for the elderly. First of all, the living space should not have restriction in moving. Therefore, the designer designed an open plan for the living room to make the flow open and smooth. Security lights are installed at the entrances, walkways, and main bedroom doors. In the event of a power outage, there is emergency lighting function for night lights for the elderly.


Considering the needs of the homeowner, the designer designed a low platform couch beside the window to meet the old lady’s habit of doing meditation and yoga in the morning to greet a beautiful day in the bright light of the sun. In the kitchen, the splash-proof wall and kitchen wall surface with water texture film from Korea are resistant to dirt and scratch. The fire- and flame-resistant kitchen make it safer to the entire home environment. Taking into account the sight of the elderly, the kitchen ceiling adopts a streamer design to shape a brighter and evenly dispersed light source.

For suggestions on the design of elderly home, we interviewed the decoration consultant, Andy for more advice.

“Keeping the living area wide open is the key design consideration for the elderly as they may need to use a wheelchair at home. Toilet is also an important area that we need to pay attention. It can be a life matter if they fall in the toilet on slippery floor. Therefore, we usually recommend installing handrails in the toilets, enlarging the shower cubicle so that you can have space to help with the shower and use the slip-resistant materials as much as possible in toilet to ensure the safety of the elderly.”


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