The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive Work

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Today the home office is no longer a luxury, but an everyday necessity for many people. The reason for this is the rapid development of information technology: people are increasingly taking work at home or studying at home or freelancing.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has also done its part. The better and more comfortable the home workplace is, the greater the productivity. Especially, when you need to solve different business problems or study hard subjects.

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So, properly arranged home office will allow you to rearrange from a domestic state to a working state. However, thoughtful design and selection of furniture play an important role.

The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive WorkPhoto by ricardorv30 from Pixabay

1. Place

If you decided to create a workplace, especially when it comes to a working corner in one of the living rooms, you should think about how to protect family members from having to listen to your phone or Zoom calls.

With a separate room, everything is simple and clear – close the door and you get your privacy, but the separation of the work area in one of the living rooms can be a dilemma. A simple and affordable technique, zoning, will come to the rescue.

The layout of the home office depends largely on the kind of work you are going to do. Usually, it is enough to find a place for a computer and a few shelves for papers and books.

However, those who plan to engage in creative activities like sewing, sculpting or painting, should think about the special space for work, as well as a place to store tools and materials.

2. Furniture

So, you have picked the place. Now you need to choose the style of your working space. It should give you a positive working mood and match your inner world.

You should start with the location of the furniture. To do this correctly, you must think through all the options and choose the most comfortable for you. That’s means, you should have free access to all equipment, and the furniture should not interfere with the work.

The most important role in the home office is played by the work chair. It should be ergonomic, with a comfortable backrest and armrests, as well as the ability to adjust the height of the seat and back tilt. Also, the chair needs to fit the interior of the room.

Those who prefer solid furniture made of good wood will possibly choose the classic style.

For those who spend long winter evenings reminiscing about their favourite cottage, the country style is suitable. Here will be an appropriate chair with a textile cover and furniture made of light wood.

Minimalism is chosen by those who do not like excessive decorations and are not used to being distracted by accessories.

The modern style cabinets have become very popular due to their universal qualities. Such rooms are characterized by the smoothness of shapes and lines, which makes the interior as aesthetically pleasing and neat as possible.

The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive WorkPhoto by Free-Photos from Pixabay

3. Colour

Choosing the design of the workplace, do not forget to think about the colour scheme. After all, the colours not only determine the style and character of the room but also affects the mood and activates creativity.

Dark colours, according to psychologists, have an oppressive effect on the psyche, so it is not desirable to choose wallpaper in black, dark blue, and dark brown colours.

In contrast, light colours can play a beneficial role. Besides, thanks to the bright walls, even a very small business corner can visually become largerWhite, light beige, milk, and other light colour variations will give confidence and calmness.

At the same time, you should not refuse bright accents. A small number of colour additions to the overall neutral background of the office will be very modern.

4. Light And Air

Also, light and air are important elements of a good workplace.

Select a quality lighting system with adjustable lighting power. Lamps with a cold light source are recommended. They help you to concentrate better and create the right working atmosphere.

Fresh air is vital to the worker. Without it, productivity will drop dramatically. If it is not possible to place the work area near a window, an air purification system should be installed.

The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive WorkPhoto by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

5. Storage

After choosing a colour scheme, repair, and the selection of furniture and accessories, you need to think about the storage of documents and other work supplies.

To keep the office tidy, you should place some lockers here. To place a sufficient number of documents on the shelves, use folders, corners, and boxes for papers.

Proper organization and storage of things in the office also determines the efficiency of work. Agree, it is much more convenient to know in what drawer a particular document is in than to look for it indefinitely.

A home office is a separate work or studying space, an individual zone. It does not necessarily have to blend in with the rest of the apartment. At the same time, the home office should have a comfortable environment, corresponding to the inner world of the person who works there.


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