The magic design in small space

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It is always not easy to buy your own apartment in Hong Kong. Even if you can afford to buy, it may be a little one. Since you are living in it, you should treat yourself in a nice way. The followings are some design tricks that can make you home look more spacious to improve the overall design of the apartment.

1.Open design

The magic design in small space

Take this apartment as an example. It is relatively small. When you open the main door, the bedroom is already on the left. The designer intentionally raised the height of the bed frame to make a large storage space under the mattress. The right-hand side area of the door is the dining room and kitchen space. The white tiles enlarge the space visually. And the bedroom is divided by a half-height partition wall to highlight the sense of aerial perspective.

2.Glass partition

The magic design in small space

The use of wooden doors or stone wall will make the interior space look smaller. You can try using glass screens for spacing to make it more spacious. If you want some cover for privacy, you can put a curtain on the glass screen and pull it up if necessary.

3.Wall-mounted dining table

The magic design in small space

If there are only two people who live in the apartment and you seldom invite friends for dinner, you can consider having the wall-mounted dining table. You can place the chairs underneath and use the table as office table as well.

4.Stair storage

The magic design in small space

If the ceiling is high, you can set up a loft to divide the space into two areas. The stairs connecting the loft can be converted into storage space as well.

For this kind of interior design in small space, we visited the decoration consultant, Andy for more advice.

“These are the practical designs for small apartment make the home look more spacious. It is easy to make the wall-mounted dining table and glass screen where the limitation in doing so is small. However, if you want to have an open design at home, it depends of the type of wall. You cannot break a solid wall. And for the loft design, I would recommend doing so if the ceiling is more than ten feet tall so that you will not hit your head or need to bend your waist all the time.”


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