The secret tips for decoration – How to buy brand-name materials at a lower price (timber floors)?

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If you want to buy the original goods of famous brand materials at a lower price, you need
to understand the concept of OEM first. OEM stands for the Original Equipment
Manufacturer. It means that the manufacturer is responsible for providing the machine to
produce the goods according to the customers requirements and printing the customers
trademark on the finished product.

So what is the relationship between OEM and buying branded materials at a lower price?
Smart readers may already know that some famous brands would commission lower-profile
manufacturers to produce goods and then put their own trademarks on it. If you know the
identity of these manufacturers and buy the products directly from the manufacturers, you
are buying the same standard of products of the famous brand in the same factory at a
cheaper price.

I believe many of you may have heard of the Berryalloc floor. It is in excellent quality yet
expensive. Cockatoo is manufactured for Berryalloc, so there is absolute guarantee in
quality. Moreover, the price of Cockatoo timber floor is very cheap. It only costs $20/ft in HK
Decoman online shopping mall at special price. And it is imported from Belgium. Please go
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