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In order to make everyone familiar with home knowledge, we have done a lot of tests. In this article, we summarize the test results and share three factors that should be considered when choosing a toilet.

1.Anti-stain effect

For most people in Hong Kong, the stain that sticks to the toilet is the main trouble. If you don’t want to wear the gloves to clean the toilet afterwards, the anti-stain coating on the toilet is very important. We chose three toilets to compare their ease of cleaning. In the experiment, an oil-based box pen was used to imitate a stool with a relatively high oil content and was painted on the inner wall of the toilet.

It was found that the coating had a significant effect on the ease of cleaning of the toilet. Only a single swipe is needed to remove the stain of an Aqua Ceramic-coated toilet, while it is difficult to remove the stain in the ordinary toilets. After the test, we can confirm that the Aqua Ceramic coating is effective in stain removal.

裝修佬話你知 揀選好用座廁既三個條件

2.Flushing ability

Blocking toilets is a common occurrence in Hong Kong, so flushing ability is definitely an important factor in the evaluation of toilets. We tested the current popular flushing methods in Hong Kong, namely the straight-through flushing and the new cyclone flushing technology Double Vortex.

The straight-through flushing is the most common flushing method in Hong Kong. The water tank directly flushes the waste through the drainage holes in the border of the toilet pan. However, it is quite noisy and the water splashes sometimes. And after a long period of use, yellow scale will be more likely to appear near the drainage hole.

Double Vortex is a new type of flushing technology. This design is to install two flushing perforations on the inner wall of the toilet pan. Two strong eddy currents are generated when flushing, which can flush away all the waste and clean the toilet at the same time. The water consumption is lower as well. Comparing the two, Double Vortex technology can achieve higher flushing efficiency with less water consumption.

3.Antibacterial ability 

The last factor is antibacterial ability. In addition to the fear of stains remaining after going to the toilet, users also worry that the toilet will breed bacteria that affects health and emits odor. There are many toilet brands claiming that their toilets have antibacterial capabilities on the market. If you want to verify the antibacterial capabilities of toilets, you can refer to whether they pass some standard testing certification. Toilet brands that are tested by IMSL or affixed with SIAA LOGO certification can effectively inhibit the growth of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Users can rest assured when selecting these toilets.

裝修佬話你知 揀選好用座廁既三個條件
裝修佬話你知 揀選好用座廁既三個條件

There are many types of toilets on the market. If you do not know what to choose, you can refer to the above factors for consideration. At present, the toilets produced by large bathroom brands such as American Standard meets the above standard. When purchasing a toilet, you can also consider the feature icons of the product to fully understand the characteristics and efficacy of the product.

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