Tips from Deco sister – how to identify genuine leather?

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Hello! I am Deco sister.

There are rumours on the internet saying that you can identify genuine leather

by firing on it or using knife to scratch.

Today, I will tell you how to identify genuine leather by bare eyes.

When you want to buy a piece of genuine leather furniture,

You may find it difficult to check whether it is genuine leather or not.

The major difference between the genuine leather and the fake leather is the pattern.

The animals grow naturally.

Thus, each piece of leather pattern is different.

Just like our fingerprint.

The fake leather pattern is made from machine with synthetic materials.

Therefore, the pattern on each piece of leather is the same.

This sofa looks like it is made of genuine leather.

Let me show you how to identify it.

The pattern in these two areas are the same.

Compare the lower part.

The patterns are still the same.

This is a fake leather sofa.

For genuine leather sofa such as this sample,

You can see that the patterns in these two samples are completely different.

There are differences in pattern even in the same piece of leather.

And there are natural scars in genuine leather sofa.

If you can find the scars, then you can distinguish whether it is genuine or not.

When you go to buy sofa,

you cannot light fire on it or scratch it for sure.

Thus, learn how to identify by observation is the best choice.

In next video, I will show you how to identify the first layer of leather.

This is the end of the video.

See you next time.


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