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There can be no TV in the living room, but not coffee table. A coffee table can be the storage and decoration at the same time, and it affects the style and atmosphere of the entire living room. Apart from choosing from the visual perspective, we need to consider 3 other things as well when choosing a coffee table that fits your home. 


How to decide the size?

A coffee table should not be longer and bigger than the sofa. If you have a sofa stool or a L-shaped sofa at home, the width of the coffee table should not be wider than the stool. After setting up the coffee table, there should be ample space for walking. The less space that it takes up, the more spacious your living room is. For an ordinary double sofa (180cm length, 90cm width), the idea dimension of a coffee table is 120cm long and 60cm wide.


How about the height of a coffee table?

The length and width of a coffee table should be chosen according from the sofa, so as the height. If it is too low, you will find it difficult to pick things up from the coffee table. However, if it is too tall, it will block your sight to the TV.

 Depending on the actual height of the sofa and the height of the person, the height of the coffee table should be 5 cm higher or lower than the height of the sofa pad from the ground. Under normal circumstances, the sofa pad is 45-50cm from the ground, so the ideal height of the coffee table should be between 40-55cm.


How to satisfy different storage needs?

For many families, the function of the coffee table should not be putting a coffee cup only, but with certain storage ability. No matter you are choosing the functional one or a simple one, there are few things you need to consider before making a purchase.

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