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You know the situation right? Coming home on a Friday evening after a full week of 9-5 and overtime, you’re worn out, can’t think straight and, most annoyingly, your back is aching to the point of being sofa-bound all weekend.

If you’re working from home right now, chances are you spend most of your time sitting, and possibly the last thing you thought of when creating your home office space was a beautiful, comfy chair. I mean, that would look weird at the kitchen table between the kid’s school books and empty breakfast bowls, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a company office, a home office, or at the kitchen table, a great office chair is crucial to your health, wellbeing, and even productivity. Yes, that’s right! So let’s dive in and check out the five benefits of buying a new office chair.

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Why Is A New Office Chair So Important?

When you spend so much time sitting in one spot, it’s easy to forget how you’re sitting. Most of the time you’ll be so focused on your work (or completely unfocused) that you’ll completely disregard your posture.

Having an old desk chair that’s lost its comfort and provides no support or, worst of all, using just any old chair lying around the house is terrible for your posture and can cause long-term damage.

poorly designed office chair has major effects on the body over the long term, and it can even destroy your productivity. With work from home not disappearing any time soon, it’s time to start taking it seriously.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Posture

First up, we’ve got posture, which is arguably the most important factor that a new office chair can help you with. The best office chairs are designed with your posture and long-term health in mind, so it’s no joke.

A chair that allows you to slouch subconsciously encourages bad posture. That means you can end up with a permanent hunch and rolled over shoulders.

However, a desk chair with a beautiful ‘S’ curve allows your back to align itself without having to even think about it. You’re sitting comfortably in an ideal position, and you can focus on your work.

2. Productivity

You hear of productivity all the time nowadays. In fact, you’re probably bombarded with productivity hack emails and YouTube ads for courses that increase your productivity by 1000% in ten days.

But what you may not know about productivity is that how you sit can affect how well you work. Put it this way: When you have an uncomfortable seat and you keep having to fidget and change positions every five minutes, that breaks your focus. And that lost time all adds up throughout the day.

On top of that, an unhealthy sitting position can lead to back and muscle pain which, over time, can build up to a point so painful it could put you out of work completely. And that’s not to mention the doctor’s visits and medical costs.

3. Lumbar and Pelvic Support

Purchasing a new office chair that has lumbar and pelvic support is the solution. And yes, your body will be thanking you later on.

Throughout the working day, as your muscles get more and more tired, the muscles around the lower back that support the lumbar spine become tired and therefore weaker. This weakening often leads to adopting a slouched or hunched-over position to relieve those muscles.

survey conducted by Veritas Health found that 70% of people reported a higher level of back pain at the end of the day compared to the morning. An office chair with support simply doesn’t allow the body to make that muscular compensation as the shape of the chair provides you with the lumbar support you need.

gaming room with gaming chair

Room done by The Safe Haven Interiors

4. Injury Prevention

The human body was not designed to tolerate all that strain on your back and every other muscle in your body. Quite the opposite.

In today’s world, however, you want to be exercising and stretching regularly to make sure your body is in great shape.

But if you spend 10 hours of the day each week sitting awkwardly at a desk, when it’s time to exercise, your body won’t know what’s hit it. And that means you’re more likely to get injured and suffer from muscle strains, sprains, and even ligament damage. That’s not what you want on your Sunday morning jog before a big work week.

5. Comfort

We’ve already established how a fantastic office chair can alleviate back pain and provide lumbar support, but with all that aside, being comfortable all day long is just awesome, right?

When you’re sitting comfortably with great posture, you’re going to be more focused on what’s in front of you. You won’t be fidgeting around, shuffling, and standing up every two minutes. Instead, it will actually be enjoyable to sit down and work. And who knows? You might even WANT to work.

Benefits of A New Office Chair Summarized

It’s very clear that sitting in a solid, healthy position throughout your workday is super important. So take the first step and ditch that second-hand swivel. Treat yourself to a brand new ergonomic chair with lumbar support that’s super comfortable.

Your body, mind, and productivity will thank you later.

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