Tricks to Make a Nano-flat Feel Bigger

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Most Hong Kong people are probably no stranger to the idea of nano-flats. The nano-flat is the best living option to most singles and young people.

But the thing about these teeny-tiny flats is that sometimes even a single chair can take up so much space you can hardly walk across the room.

This doesn’t mean nano-flats are not worth living in! Designers see this problem as clearly as we do, and have deployed many methods in increasing the spaciousness of a small home.


Simplify, simplify, simplify

The simpler a space is, the bigger it feels. When decorating nano-flats, follow this rule: less is more. Avoid stumpy, bulky furniture, and complex patterns.

The overall feeling the space gives is a sense of transparency; remember to leave empty space in the flat.


Frugal palette

Adopt a minimalist palette. Do not use excessive colours; they can make he interior appear crowded and messy. Light colours and cool tones can enlarge the space, especially when the furniture is also in a matching palette.


Use your space well

Do not waste any space in the flat. To do this, opt for transforming furniture like the murphy bed. Give a space multiple functions, for example, corners can be made into a study area.


Wise choice of furniture

Choose furniture that looks light and small. The best choice is when the furniture can be disassembled. In addition, opt for furniture that can increase storage space, so that no clutter can be accumulated and make the flat look messy.


Pay attention to where the light is

To maximise the spaciousness of the interior, a basic technique is to utilise the light coming into the flat. Frameless windows can let the biggest amount of light in, and give the flat a luminous quality.

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