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So you’re looking to fill your new home with space-transforming furniture and have been told that getting custom furniture built for it is the way to go.

But, why buy custom furniture? In this article we’ll try to explain why getting the help of a custom furniture maker (like Carpenter Werkz) will probably be one of the best interior design decisions you’ll ever make.

Okay, we’ll start with a retelling of a tale of woe that many a home buyer has faced to start off, who, giddy with excitement by the prospect of furnishing their new home, beeline it to the closest IKEA, thinking that they’ll be done in no time.

But, soon, the realization sets in that picking the right furniture for the home is more difficult than expected…

In spite of the incredible choices available, finding the perfect piece with all the important criterion they want can be an almost impossible task. From having the right dimensions to colour, material and design style to the price tag – believe it when the experts say that it can be a frustrating experience getting everything nice and right.

Don’t Compromise – Build Your Own Custom Furniture

If I were you I wouldn’t relegate my chances of finding the perfect piece of furniture just lying around in some furniture shop somewhere – which is highly improbable unless you were to extend your search into the regions outside of the known universe where different laws of physics may allow for that possibility.” – A quote from the unknown plane-strider and good home design advocate.

But, here’s where custom furniture makes all the difference.

You see, instead of hunting high and low for the perfect furniture, getting your furniture custom-made is the best way of incorporating the best elements that you need.

Here are but a few advantages of buying custom furniture for your humble abode:

1. Choose the Material

Ever come across a design that fits every criterion you’re looking in a kitchen cabinet only to find that it only comes in cheap, compressed pulp wood that doesn’t even have a water-proof, easy-to-clean finish? UGH.

Here’s what you’re going to do: take note of every detail you like about that piece (i.e. measurements, design dimensions, colour) and send them to Carperter Werkz. With years of experience in space planning and building custom carpentry that complement ANY interior design style, it’s hard to go wrong with their services.

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Carpenter Werkz is a wiz at ensuring quality, safety and aesthetics are met. The completed work above is an example of a modern contemporary design by Carpenter Werkz.

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2. Matching Furniture

Another major headache that often rears its ugly head (literally!) is the difficulty of acquiring beautiful and practical, matching furniture.

Sure, you could just buy the entire furniture catalogue on display and hope for the best, but from our experience (and common sense, really) that that’s only going to, inadvertently, introduce “discrepancies” in the overall design.

Though you could argue that it’s purely aesthetics, the effect that it brings to any space cannot be denied – and, hey, just because something ‘is all in your head’ doesn’t mean that it isn’t any less tangible than, say, the pain of stubbing a toe on something hard.

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

Getting furniture that fits the rest of theme of your room does wonders for its aesthetic quality… and your sanity. This modern contemporary living room by Carpenter Werkz clearly illustrates that point.

3. The Right Size and Dimensions

This point is of particular interest to home-owners in Singapore where maximizing space and safety is key to a happy home.

Aside from making the most of the little space we have in our homes, custom furniture that’s built to fit snugly into every inch of an interior also has creates the illusion of space, making every thing LOOK bigger and more impressive.

From custom-made multi-functional kitchen islands and dining tables that double as a divider / wall partition, to purpose-built storage compartments (like a special storage cabinet for small but precious items e.g.  herbs, spices and condiments that would otherwise have to sit uncomfortably on top of other items in a drawer), getting custom furniture made lets you get pass these problems.

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

Ordering custom furniture for your home lets you fit cabinets right to the ceiling of your rooms to make the most of available space, but also has the nice effect of making it look bigger and more impressive.

4. Guaranteed Quality (most of the time)

Crafted one at a time, custom furniture (or bespoke furniture) is usually of better quality than the average mass-produced furniture you find at furniture shops.

And because each piece that a carpenter makes is a reflection of his work, he/she is more inclined to give you a product that tells of quality. If not for the love of their art, no carpenter wants to be known for producing shoddy work that’s not only ugly, but potentially dangerous as well!

Keep in mind that this isn’t ALWAYS the case, hence the reason why you’ll need to find yourself a good carpenter Singapore who will do a good job.

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

Custom-made furniture is often made to exacting standards and beautiful as well as functional. Small bathroom design by Carpenter Werkz.

5. Better Home Property Appraisal / Value

In addition to being unique in the marketplace, a home filled with beautiful custom furniture (especially those built to match) can really raise a home’s property appraisal.

Not only does it make a home better to live in, but a home that’s been nicely done up is a real catch in the property market. After all, who wants to go through the trouble of doing everything themselves when there’s a perfectly beautiful property right in front of them?

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

So pick a door. Or rather, pick the doors that are right for the style and theme you’re looking for. Design by Carpenter Werkz.


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