Why does the paint peel off again after plastering a wall?|Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY

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In this video, we are going to talk about the reason for the paint peel off again after plastering a wall

Why does the paint peel off again after plastering a wall?|Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY – with Deco-man. Visit https://www.sgdecoman.com/ for more DIY, decorating and design ideas!!


Hi everyone, I am Simon. Today, I am the guest speaker
of Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY.
Recently, someone asked me why the paint peeled off again
after plastering a wall?
He told me that the white cement was the stronger tool.
So he used white cement to cover the peeling plaster.
But then he questioned that why it peeled off again so quickly.
Even though the white cement is hard and strong,
it is really heavy.
Therefore, it will easily fall off.
In the last video, Anthony made a shelving unit.
The plaster he was using was a popular one.
It is Polycell Fine Surface Polyfilla. The advantage is that it is elastic.
As it has good elasticity, it can withstand the pull of the wall solidification,
to reduce the chance of having cracks on wall.
But we need to pay attention to the using instruction. It can only fix the 2mm cracks.
If the damaged parts or the peeling area are too thick, 
you will need another product, that’s Polycell Multi-Purpose Polyfilla.
Apart from having good elasticity,
it can fix anywhere with different thickness.
You can put unlimited layers as long as each layer doesn’t exceed 1 cm.
Moreover, it can withstand the bad weather, which is suitable for using outdoor.
In summary, with these two products,
You can fix anywhere with damages and avoid having cracks on wall.
As the old saying goes, “one must have good tools in order to do a good job.”
It is that easy to plater a wall.




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